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Charles Garner's latest gimmick can be a champion

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Chinook early spring Sport fishing is closed from the Columbia jaws to buoy 10 to the Bonneville dam starting in spring 13. The early spring Chinook sport fishery is open around Willamette Lake, where circumstances are expected to strengthen this weekend. In the early spring, the Chinook sport fishery is open from the power lines of the Podium Zone upstream from the Oregon-Orbuenos aires border, mentioned above, as well as financial institutions from the Bonneville dam and the power lines. Podium area. Buoy 10 upstream of McNary Dam, including adjacent tributaries, is closed to sturgeon storage but remains open for catching Fishing Line fishing lines and unloading only for sport fishing. Salmon sport fishing in local waters is always good. Steelheading is honest around Cowlitz Lake. Striper sport fishing can be good inside the Bonneville pool. Collapse Columbia of the Knight Good ole 'series at the Bonneville Dam - 176 salmonid fishing boats and 34 fishing rods from the Buenos Aires financial institution were totaled during the last Sunday outing. Bonneville - 129 fishermen from financial institutions kept only one adult. Eight fishing boats, 19 fishermen were not caught. I-5 - As a fisherman from a financial institution did not capture 113 fishing boats, 268 fishermen kept 10 elderly people and presented two. Edmonton - 26 fishermen from financial institutions were not captured. 245 fishing boats. One out of 557 fishermen kept 27 elderly people and introduced half a dozen older people. Windy Lake - In the jaws up to 400 feet downstream from the Shipherd Comes Seafish Scale, the daily reduction for adults is a hatchery or two hatchery horned salmon season or one of each. Perhaps one of the first 100 meters previously mentioned, Shipherd arrives 800 Fishing Report, April meters downstream of the Carson Countrywide Bass hatchery, reduced daily by an adult, either a planting season, or two hatchery horned salmon, or one of each.

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